Smart green. Using energy twice.

Global data centers used roughly 416 terawatts (or about 3% of the total electricity) last year, nearly 40% more than the entire United Kingdom. This consumption will double every four years.  All of the electricity they consume each day to power the cloud ends up as heat and in most existing data centres all of it is wasted and vented out into the atmosphere.

Thermify is  different kind of data centre.  It uses energy twice.

We think throwing away heat is crazy and we’re obsessed with capturing this waste heat and re-using it where it is needed…in homes around the world. We are the inventors of data furnace technology for on demand heating of peoples homes and we’ve been working on perfecting the technology for the last 9 years.

So instead of burning gas or oil in a boiler, our HeatHub is stacked full of computer processors, the same processors found today all over the world in vast data centers and with our patented technology we capture all of the heat they produce. Instead of throwing the heat away, we re-cycle it to heat peoples homes and hot water. Free heating of buildings and water as a by-product of computer processing, or free computer processing as a by-product of heating, depending on how you want to look at it.

All Data Center Electricity Ends Up As Heat?

That’s right, all of the electricity computers consume, as well as providing all of the computing work, ends up as heat. In fact data center operators typically consume lots more electricity to power massive cooling systems to get that heat out, just so they can throw it away into the atmosphere! When we realised this we saw a massive opportunity to radically improve the harmful environmental impact of not just the data centers, but also all of our home heating systems.

It’s Time…

We’ve spent years developing our data furnace technology, waiting on the roll out of fast broadband connections to everyone’s homes and for the explosion of the cloud compute industry.

  • Compute users get ultra powerful and ultra green computing instances to get their work done fast and economically.
  • Home users get a free ultra green heating system
  • Together we are all one step closer to a greener future