Smart Cloud Computing With No Environmental Footprint

What if you could reduce the cost of your cloud computing while using only renewable energy? And then see that energy re-used for heating homes? Welcome to thermify cloud: the smart green revolution.

We are the UK’s smartest green cloud compute provider, where powerful computing goes hand in hand with environmental and social responsibilty.  We allow you to not only keep your eco promises to your customers, but to go way beyond them with smart green technology.

Smart Green Compute Power

Our entire cloud compute platform is run on renewable energy, which means using us for your compute work is 100% environmentally friendly.

But did you know that all of the electricity computers use, literally all of it, ends up as heat?  That’s where our smart green technology comes in – we actively re-use the energy consumed to carry out your compute tasks, by capturing all of this waste heat and using it to heat peoples homes and hot water.  This smart green technology means your compute work is actually up to 200% environmentally friendly – not only is it carbon neutral but it also directly takes peoples homes out of fossil fuel heating at the same time.

Finally we add social responsibility into the package, by re-using thermal energy from your tasks to provide free heating for many low income households who would otherwise suffer from fuel poverty.

Why use your fossil fuel powered data center provider, when you can use our smart green cloud?

We’re Faster Too!

Cloud compute providers often run your work on shared CPUs with really high core counts?  They can’t run all of the cores at full speed all at once.  As workload increases each core is throttled to stop the CPU overheating, which means your compute tasks can spend lots of their time running at significantly reduced speed.  You are paying for cores you can’t run at full power all of the time!

Thermify is different, we want the heat from your compute tasks so our data furnaces use CPUs that can run all of their cores at 100% power all of the time.

Incredible power – Incredibly green – Incredibly easy

Our cloud runs Kubernetes and Docker, the world’s leading containerization platform, allowing you to switch and deploy on our green platform with minimal hassle and fuss.  We give you everything you need from a cloud compute service and guarantee that not only will your work be carried out using green energy, but also that when the homes our HeatHubs are installed in want heat all of the energy used for your processing will be 100% re-used.

  • Scalable, small or large to meet your needs
  • We’re cheaper than other environmentally damaging cloud providers
  • Easy to setup and instantly become green
  • Protected with the highest security
  • High performance hardware for hard work – we want the heat your tasks create so we give you the hardware muscle to do it
  • Renewable energy doubled with 100% re-use when heating peoples homes

As Safe As Houses

Our compute hubs are installed in the homes they heat and provide the highest levels of security.

We’re obsessed with security, it’s designed into to every possible layer of our compute platform.

Sealed compute hubs completly impossible to physically hack.

Fully encrypted, from the hard drives to every communication interface inside and out.

Cryptographic signature checks of every software file so nothing nefarious can ever be run.

Bespoke hardware throughout – even if accessing our compressed liquid immersed motherboards was possible, there’s not even a USB port in sight!

Geographically spread out and randomly allocated compute hubs provides protection against anyone knowing what will run where or localized failures bringing our cloud down.

No secret sauce – all of our security is based on industry standard, verifiable security protocols, methods and cyphers.

Try Us And Register For Free Heating Of Your Home

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